3d printing parts issue with square-ness

I have been battling an issue on my reprap based printer where things seem to lean even though bed is level. I releveled bed again before trying a print of the new roller parts. It’s straight in one direction but in the opposite axis it’s a bit off. Any suggestions or ideas? Here’s a pic is it unusable?

Probably best not to use that. That means your z axis is not perpendicular to your x and Y. If it is a prusa style it is easy to fix

Nice. That makes sense. A waste of two printed parts but oh well. Thanks as always looking, I’ll report back

As usual spot on with the advice. Not sure when things got out of wack buy it adjust the support struts till it was right. Thank you. Finishing the middle and z parts now. Safety orange was laying around so that’s the color

I’m starting to get a fondness for the not matching machines, makes me feel like no extra money was spent just to make it pretty. Whatever was on hand was used, I love it! I got told last night that I should do a redesign just to make it look better, and my business would increase…mismatched colors is kinda the opposite of that!

In the realm of ‘do it yourself’. You also have to watch for making it so nice looking people don’t think they can do it themselves… I picked this over the ox based on just how simple it looked to do as well as forum support…

So. Don’t beautify it too much… :slight_smile:

(This advice is probably worth every penny you paid for it, but not much more).

Yeah I hear ya. I picked this after banging my head on a wall trying to get a mydiycnc.com kit to do anything. I slowly upgraded and wasted money till I saw this project. I instantly knew it was the right path and the $500 price tag beat the $1200 plus $2000 I had already wasted. Add on the fact that I had some usable parts like the electronics and steppers so the price was so right. I built a lrg and sturdy 2x4 table and the machine size of 3ftx4ft which gives me just about 2ftx3ft cut size. Day one it worked better than anything I had ever experienced.

I added an led spindle light and laser cross hairs as well as well as dust collector and my favorite, a 2w laser connected to the mist relay on controller and using a custom laser post processor for vetric that a machinist I met online made. I had given him some basic help on how I was manually converting code for our controllers and he rolled it up into an awesome add on. Now it’s a breeze to laser.