3D printing, velocity painting?!

How did I not see this before? I was looking for a different way to texture my parts with my logo…this jumped out at me while I was tests ramps boards. so cool.


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Slick! Then you’d immediately know if someone bought the printed parts from you.

Instead of just sticking my logo on a few faces I was going to get all LOUIS VUITTON on my parts and wrap them in a more subtle texture. that way they are even harder to fake…and maybe look more cool.

But you can’t paint your STLs, just the gcode, right?

Yup, still plan on wrapping my stl’s in solidworks but this is a cool thing to try, for gifty type things.

Sounds like vicious1 is going to be the next supreme. Where can I buy the vicious1 box logo? Forget the design work, its all about the branding!

Supreme kills me, whoever marketed that font for them is a genius.

I still need to try this