3d prints coming out strange

  1. Did you buy everything from here?
  2. Are you using end stops?
  3. Are you using all my recommended parts?

Printed on MPCNC using mk8 extruder bought from here. Heated bed; for first layer 60 degrees and then dropped to 50. Using the recommended slic3r settings but I dropped the speed down to 20mm/s

I have been getting the same defect on 3 pieces I have printed. I tried playing around with the nozzle heat setting ranging from 190-210 for the 3 pieces. I circled the defect in the first picture. The defect does not appear on the other side (picture 2). The overall print comes out rough looking is there any settings I should play around to fix this?

Looks like a slicer defect.

Try a different slicer, test a different part as well.

The part you have in the picture is oriented wrong on the bed, It should be standing on end. The way it is sitting it will have no strength and continue to print poorly.

Nevermind… What vicious said lol

Using cura somewhat helped me. I get obvious zits from retraction on my prints but other than that, cura wins in my experience. It’s not a huge change but it gives you options. If u print a 3d benchy that would help since it covers a lot of quality features, like infill, bridging, dimensional accuracy, etc. My prints looked somewhat similar to yours so maybe I can help.

Thanks for the quick replies. I will try standing the part up vertically and go from there.

I will give cura a shot. Should I use the same settings I am currently using for slic3r?

I would try something similar. I have tried a ton of settings. From speeds of 20mm/s to 55mm/s. The results for me vary only a bit when it comes to speed. I found that .25mm layer height works well. My retraction needs work even though its the same settings as slic3r…weird.

I printed them vertically with the same settings using slic3r and they came out looking nice. I printed the benchy and I am having problems with the arches. Any suggestions? I am about to try out cura with the benchy

If you are using pla you need a print fan and pretty good temps to get nice overhangs.

I am turning on the print fan after the second layer. I ran this print at 203 degrees. Should I try increasing the temperature?

I use 196 for hatchbox pla. If it is sagging it generally means it its too hot.

Don’t chase perfect too much that is a test print it is meant to be difficult to achieve good results.

I have printed a ton of benchys on mpcnc, and that one looks pretty nice. PLA varies from brand to brand, so finding out what temp works for you is really experimentation. It looks like it might be too hot, but then again I have tried nearly every setting and the benchy always has some sort of flaw. As for the sagging, I got that until I switched to cura. I might add a second print fan on the other side and modify the mk8 holder stl. Seems like most printers have two on each side, and the exit for the air is generally smaller and closer to the nozzle.

Thanks for all the feedback. I turned the heat down to 197 and got a little overhang on this piece I just printed. I will try now in cura at around 195