3d slicer program z offset problem

Anybody tell me if there is a way to keep the slicer from setting the z offset and other adjustments on an ender 3 pro. There are adjustments in the prusa slicer, and the cura. the " slicer " though does, but for some reason I have problems with that one. I thought that the firmware takes care of the z offset and other adjustments. If the cura or prusa tells the printer one thing and the firmware another would it work against each other. Reason I am asking is because the one the is called slic3r to my print head down to my heated bed and made a deep line across it. The others don’t, but I m trying to understand this. I am getting ready to change the print bed and I don’t want to ruin this one

I could be wrong here. But I think the z offset in the three slicers only affect the gcode they produce. They don’t communicate with the firmware to change the firmware probe z offset. So if your hardware/firmware are set correctly then you don’t need to use the slicers z height function. I never have. In my mind the z height offset is specific to the printer and it changes under conditions. So I will never set it in my slicer. What if you had two identical printers. You would want the gcode to be able to work on either one. So don’t use the slicer z offset.

Now I will give you the one and only situation that I would say is the exception. If you only own one printer. You don’t share your gcode with others. And your printer doesn’t have a z probe like the BLtouch. In that case it might be ok to use the slicer z offset but still I would not recommend it. Instead I would just manually adjust the z home screw.

Print bed heights get messed up a lot. They get knocked out of level. The bed heats up and then it warps a little. A lot can affect the z height. So I don’t want to have to re slice the print file to compensate every time.

Most important upgrade you can make to your Ender Pro 3. Z probe like the BLtouch.

I have a z probe, how do you disable the z offset settings in prusa and cura, I see it in the script part. do I just delete the script or is there a setting?

This where the setting is in PrusaSlicer. prusa slicer z offset - Bing
By default it should be set to 0.

There are many versions of Cura out there. But some of these images should help find it. cura slicer z offset - Bing images

so set it to 0, and it won’t calibrate z offset through the program. the firmware will do the z offset. got it.
also when I do the manual bed leveling, I home the head to z, y, x. also after z homes it rises so much for some reason. What i usually do i let it home then go down to the bed with the head from there on the highs part. I am a little confused on this part. what I mean the head homes then goes up. I guess that is to a safe position. so where is home down where the bead is, can’t be where the head is because it is a good distance from the bed.

This is a little confusing to understand. A video might be helpful. But I think I understand what you mean.

Yes it is programmed to move up a safe distance after homing. That way it can move around and also it will prevent the nozzle from melting the bed as it heats up.

Since your printer has a Z probe. Then it will also have a setting for z offset or probe offset. You will want to adjust that. That setting is just the distance from the hot nozzle to the probe. That shouldn’t change. So once you get it set it’s good. There are several videos on how to do this on YouTube.

Another tip for the Ender 3. Remove one of the rear bed mounts. It is a lot easier to level the bed when you only have three screws holding it level. The fourth just causes problems.

z going up to a safe distance, I haven’t been able to find any video that mentions that. I know how to level the bed the problem is when it goes up where from there. I guess when it goes down I can turn the printer and and record where the head is and then turn it on. I don’t know.

What happens when you start printing after it homes like that? Does it try to print with the nozzle still high up off the bed? If that is the case then you need to adjust the Z probe offset. Should be able to do that using the LCD screen. You could Also use the Move Axis options to control the machine from the LCD. So if you want to move the Z to what it thinks is Z0 you can.

It will grind against the print bed and destroy it. I got it close, but can only print in the middle of the bed. But I want to be able to print the big parts. I pulled it out a little bit at a time, turning it off before it hit the plate. took awhile