3KW spindle with LR3


I was wondering if a spindle of 3KW of power is possible on LR3? is there changes to do ?

Thank you.

is possible

You would have to rework the core and you will have to design a mount for it. The biggest spindle I’ve ever read about on the forum on a V1 machine is 2.2KW. That was on an LR2. A quick search of 3.0KW spindle specifications has them weighing 20+ lbs., and they are generally 100mm in diameter or 85mm on a side if square. Compare that to the common/recommended Makita RT07000 series router, which weighs in at 4.0 lbs., and is 65mm in diameter. A weight of 20+ lbs. is a lot more mass to accelerate with NEMA 17 motors and plastic parts.

If you do end up using a 3.0KW spindle, please post back to the forum to let us know about your rework and performance.


I’ll say that I have a 2.2kw 110v spindle on my printnc, and driving that thing as fast and deep as I can before i get worried about the workholding, I’ve never approached the limits of it.

3kw is gonna be a LOT of power.

I’ve seen (and run) some builds that really sound like we’re abusing the standard router and making it very unhappy, but unless you already have the 3kw jobber, might be worth looking for something in between.


I am new to CNC I will start with my Dewalt D26204K (DW611 US equivalent), I may upgrade later.
Maybe I will look for something between 2.2 and 3KW.
anyways thanks for your advices.

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IMHO, the dewalt or makita are the sweet spot. They are serviceable, they are common (which makes them a good value and have spare parts), and they are more than strong enough.


And just to be clear, i was suggesting something between the dewalt/makita and the 2.2kw., and even then only if you’re REALLY gonna beat on it
I think the 2.2kw is overkill, although I’d really love to see a primo or LR giving one a workout, lol

Thanks, anyway I will stick with the Dewalt for some time. at least I get used to CNC world :slight_smile:

The Makita and Dewalt are roughly equivalent to a 1000-watt spindle in power. It has always seemed to me that a 1.5KW spindle is the sweet spot in terms of spindles for the MPCNC. The round ones are 65mm in diameter, so it would take little or no change to the mount, they can run on 110V (important in the US), the reported weights are between 5.75 and 8.75 lbs., so not a lot more than the 4.5 lbs. Dewalt, take ER11 collets, so getting the collets for common bit sizes is easy and cheap, have more power than the Dewalt/Makita, and are reported to be much quieter. They do tend to be more expensive at around $350, and I’ve never seen a head-to-head comparison detailed in any topic on the forum.


I think you’ll be happy. I recently burned up one of my dewalts and they rebuilt it under warranty with zero hassle. I’m sure makita is just as good