4 x 4 build

I am taking my original build and increasing it to 4 x 4 to accommodate some larger projects that I am designing. I have my table built out, new conduit, and longer wire.

Will I need supports at this size or am I safe with out them?

Depends on a lot of things. What are you using for tubes? How tall is your Z axis?

If you are using EMT I would say yes for the time it takes put one support mid way on each X and Y axis rail. If you are using SS rails then probably not. I have a 5x5 machine with stainless closet rods and do not use supports. I have cut down thru 1 1/2" cedar all the way with out issue. Stepping down 2mm per round.

Hi Bill,

My tubes are the standard EMT.

I do not know my current Z axis height but it is pretty close to the standard recommendation’s based on the 30x30 build. I can reduce this if needed. I really only need maybe 2 inches of workable height.

You can always add them later. I use them on my 5 foot build.

Yeah, with EMT at four foot I’d plan on them if you’re cutting down at the bottom of your Z axis or working with especially hard material like aluminum. You probably don’t need them at the top of that range. So plan on them but don’t let it gate your build, because you can always add them later.