$450 LowRider 2 + Rambo 1.4 + 3D + Flat Parts (Makita) NEW

I ultimately realized the hard truth that I don’t have room for a CNC.

Equip + prices new
• Lowrider 2 CNC kit $256 LowRider2 CNC Bundle – V1 Engineering Inc
• Rambo 1.4 (5 drivers) + endstop switches $120
• LCD $15
• Printed Parts $67
• Flat Parts for Makita $85 + shipping LowRider2 CNC Flat Parts – V1 Engineering Inc

Cost new was $543 plus shipping (though I printed my own parts since I had a well-calibrated print farm at the time and wanted a custom color scheme!)

I’ll sell this for $450 plus shipping. I’m in Missouri.

For +80, I’ll include a Makita RT0701C router (used only a couple times as a trim router)

Let me know if you have any questions!


Bummer. I hope it finds a good home. Looks nice.

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Is this still available?

Yes. I just listed it on Facebook too.