4x8 build advice

I’m following the reccomendations for table size to be able to cut a 4x8 sheet. That said, i’m also going to bite the bullet and spring for stainless tubing. its 50 some odd inches for the tubing going across the table, i keep seeing .065" reccomended for the wall thickness. Can anyone with this big of a build confirm that thats thick enough and you aren’t getting crazy deflection in the middle?

I currently have a 4x4 sized table. I’m not using stainless but it is .065" thickness and I’m not noticing any flex in the tube.


running SS .065 tubing on my full sheet LRv2 with no issues. they are pretty rigid.

here’s my build if you’d like to see what I did.


Thanks guys you’ve put my ms at piece


They will flex if you push on them, the secret is there is very little actual force on them during cutting…even the weight if the machine keeps it steady on a dusty table. There seems to be two ways to build a machine Stupidly massive and rigid to squeeze out every second of cut time, or embrace it and cut slower and most anything works. Kinda cool. So I guess in summary, yes they move, but we cut slower to compensate, if you spend on thicker ones you may or may not get to cut a little faster/deeper (there is an acceleration trade off at some point).

I’m not looking to hog out crazy amounts of material, this is hobby level personal use. Accruacy is more important to me. did you guys get the seamless? the local shop only has welded SS tubing and i didn’t even konw that was an option.

Seamless is nice but not required. Accuracy is pretty easy with a finishing pass.