5 axis 3d printer!


Just wow, that’s all I can say.


What are they printing on? What is a real scenario for this? Ryan, where’s the v1 version?

From the thread, I think they’re printing on a 3d scan of something else. Source and the slicer will be available by the end of the year.

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WHAT! That is a huge advance. Whatever slicer they have developed is gotta be nuts. There is now way a few of the big boys are not calling them up right now making offers. That is blowing my mind. I really can;t wait to see where this ends up.


Designing parts for it is either going to be super nasty, or perhaps even easier…Shoot I am not sure. Pretty easy to add an axis on the Mpcnc just to test it out when that slicer gets released.

That printer that has the kevlar or CF strand embeded…this makes that thing crazy powerful.

Now print a Mobius strip in vase mode.

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HAHAHA…careful you almost broke my brain.

that idea already implemented as changeable head in the 5axismaker

Their offering starts at $6300 USD, and require Rhino ($995 USD) for the 3d print slicer.


I am familiar with 5axismaker, their offering is more than 2 years old, but have never seen the source or plans available. If this project is released as a real free opensource project, the slicer alone is a big deal

I didn’t dig into details of your link. So i don’t know is it open source or not (both software and the machine). Also i didn’t talked about price.

I just said that the idea already implemented