5 parts left to print and am stuck trying to get 2 of them to work.

I have printed everything but 5 parts (feet, 1 x XY, tool mount, “M” top corner, and the nut lock). I have probably tried printing both the M top corner and the tool mount a dozen times with different retraction settings, heat for the bed, nozzle, etc and can’t get rid of the small groups of bad layers. I’ve attached a few pics to show whats going on. Here are my settings.

Nozzle size .5
Layer height - .3
Perm, top, bottom layers - 3
Speed 35mm / sec (I’ve tried 20-50 as well with similar results
Retraction distance - 3mm
Extruder Temp - 200 (tried 190-210 but this filament works great at 200)
Bed Temp - 60
I do print with a brim for the tool mount (2 layers and 10 perimeters)

All of my other parts have printed perfectly without any issues but these 2 have consistently failed.
I’m so close I can taste it.

Any thoughts?



In all the failures is it when it’s on a layer with the screw holes? That’s where they look like in the pictures.
And have you tried to make sure the environment is the same as far as temp and air movement around the printer? You’ve listed the things I’d normally try other than putting a box around the edges of the printer to make a more uniform air flow, but my printer is open to the outside air…

Very weird.

3mm is a lot of retraction for a direct drive extruder, I use 1mm or less. Unless you have a bowden, then you might need more.

My first guess.

Yeah it just seems to be where the holes are at. I’ll drop the retraction down to see how it prints. I’m using the e3d Titan extruder and it seems to like those settings for the most part. Just seems so strange that all of the other parts are great and just these have the problems.

By any chance, did you upgrade the slic3r software recently? I had the EXACT same thing happen in the middle of the process printing the parts. The first parts were great, I was prompted to upgrade the software (and did so) and then I started getting parts that look a lot like yours around places with vertical holes. I had to completely wipe and reinstall Repetier Host to get back to good vertical holes in prints again. Just thought I would mention it in case it can help…

It’s fixed!. So I dropped the retraction down in distance and upped the speed. It seemed to help slightly but the print was obviously still weak in those layers. After getting a good grip I was able to separate the print into 2 pieces with just my fingers so I knew the force of the machine itself would probably tear it apart instantly. I found a setting in Simplify3d under the advanced tab in the movement section called “Avoid crossing outline for travel movements”. When I unchecked this (not sure how it was checked to begin with) the prints came out flawless. I am now printing the last part, the final stepper mount. Now I just need to source a few more pieces and it’s assembly time.

Thanks for all the input and suggestions. Its always good to have another person troubleshoot with you. Fresh eyes can always see clearer.



I do use that setting but I have it set low. keeps thing s little cleaner on some of my other “things” thin walled stuff like my ramps and laser cases print a little better with that on. Big stuff Off is probably better.