500 watt spindle with vac attacment

I can’t take full credit for this, I found the spindle mount on thingiverse, but added the vac attachment to it. I then made a vacuum nozzle and a PVC to vac hose adapter. It’s working pretty good as can be seen in the video. The project had other issues (as discussed in the video), but the shop vac part worked quite well. My garage didn’t have a layer of dust all over it when the cut was finished.

I will need to remember to empty the shop vac after every use. There was about a half inch layer of dust caked on the paper filter.

You need to add a dust deputy in line. I blow out my shop vac filter maybe once a year.

yes. yes I do… :slight_smile:

Would a dust collector work? I have a big one from HF that I use with my planer.

It would work bit a cyclone pulls way more fine dust out of the air before it gets to the bag. I have a cyclone on my shop vac for sanding drywall, gypsum dust barely gets to the filter after an hour of sanding.