500 x 500 x 500 MP3DP?

Maybe there is a thread already about a larger format MP3DP but I am not finding it. Has anyone made a 500 x 500 MP3DP? Ideally I would like to have someone make me a kit(at least of the parts I cannot get on Amazon).

The biggest one I’ve seen is Bill’s MP3DP XL:










Can you get things like a heatbed and rods that big?

I guess what you’re really looking for are the flat parts?

The largest printer here is an MPCNC, Dui’s made in China:










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Yeah, the gating factor for mine was the heat bed. At the time the largest heater I could get was 300x380, so we built based on that. The heater (silicone pad) adheres to a flat surface, we used tempered glass but if I were rebuilding it I’d use an aluminum sheet or perhaps steel. The glass was more expensive than either aluminum or steel and between the two in weight. The heavier the bed the slower you need to move it. The larger the bed the bigger power supply you need to drive it. We used a 50A 12V supply, for 500x500 you’d need 60-75A. I have a 400x400 heater now that’s earmarked for the MPCNC, if I ever get around to using it as a printer, that runs off 110V AC with a SCR driving it. I haven’t found a need for larger than the XL and have been putting more effort into multicolor.

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I was thinking maybe you could use underfloor heating wire for a extra large heatbed, you’d probably run into issues dispersing the heat evenly though

You could probably cut the heater element out of the mesh so it could be routed closer together under the bed. I think that that is designed for much lower temperatures though. I could see get 40°C, but 60-70°C might pose problems.

Sorry to hijack but this seems like a good place to ask. Would there be any issues with the 310 x 310 ultra base? Online metals has a hot deal on 18.25 x 18.25 x .375 6061 T6 for $44 plus 20% discount. I don’t know the first thing about 3d printing but that sounds like a bomb proof base. 500mm linear bearings are about $40 a pair on eBay. I figure it will probably be close to the cost of a prusa but a lot more stout?

I would be very interested in this, I am getting ready to build the LowRider 2 and am really loving the design, I am only borrowing the printer I have now, however would like to build one and the 300x380 bed would handle my needs for years to come. BTW what is the size on the Z axis?

Also where are the file, I have not been able to fine a link to them nor can I find them on Thingiverse

Years ago I met a guy who was working on making heated clothing for motorcyclists using carbon fiber cloth as it’s a conductor. Far from my area of expertise but I wonder if a layer of carbon cloth could be layered under tempered glass and used as a heating element?

It would certainly have enough resistance to heat. I’d bet it would take a heck of a lot of experimentation before you could get it setup to heat the right amount evenly with a workable current.