52mm air cooled spindle

Hey guys I was wondering if any one else was running this spindle https://www.amazon.com/Spindle-Cooled-Milling-Converter-Engraving/dp/B01LNBOCDA with this style of mount: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2872200

I’ve noticed the spindle getting noticeably hot, now not to hot to touch, but I’m worried about what it might do to the pla mount in the long run. Has any one else noticed this? Should I be worried? I’ll check the temperature of the spindle tomorrow when I figure out where I put my optical thermometer.

My spindle mount is petg because of this.

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I’ve run that spindle before with the same mounts using PLA and never had an issue. It did get quite hot as you mentioned though. I swapped back to the DW660 because the higher RPMs let me cut faster.

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There’s a video of a mpcnc catching fire because the pla mounts softened due to heat. He also left it alone overnight. You can watch in the video the whole router starts to slide down in the mounts, once the noncutting part of end mill and collet hit the wood, it starts smoking almost instantly, the fire started a bit after that. It was a dewalt 611 though. My dc spindle doesn’t get that hot, warm, but you can hold onto it.

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I have some PetG here I might just reprint them to put my mind at ease. Thanks for the responses!