55mm Toolmount for the new Primo

Which tool mount are people using for a 55mm router on the Primo. I downloaded and started printing the PrusaPrinters, but it does not fit between the tubes. The drilles holes in the tube are aprox. 65 mm apart, while the holes on the backplate are aprox. 45mm apart

Also the 5mm mount in GitHub - V1EngineeringInc/MPCNC_Primo_Tool_Mounts is too small to fit the pipes

These mounts fit on the tool plates. The tool plates mate to the pipes. The STL of the tool plates will be part of the Primo STL files, and be labeled Lower Tool Mount and Upper Tool Mount.

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To expand on Robert’s answer:

The tool mounts re necessary, because the Primo can use different size tubes. The tool mount pieces mount to the tubes, and therefore the actual tool munts need only be designed once, instead of multiple times in order to mount to the different size tubing. This allows more and better collaboration, and mounts for different tools can be developed independently, and still need only be designed once.

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I see. Thnx for the info