5'x5' build questions

Hi all,

My parts kit was mailed today! So excited.

I am an avid 3D printing enthusiast (building printers) so this is something I’m confident I can get done. My local makerspace works with the local high school robotics team and we need a plasma cutter desperately. My intention for this build is a 5’ x 5’ plasma cutter.

I ordered this cutter today: Lotos Technology LTP6000 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

I also ordered the machine torch for the Lotus here: LOTOS CC02 CNC Plasma Cutting Torch (for LOTOS Plasma Cutter LTP6000)

I understand I am going to encounter some interference from the High frequency start and will need to overcome that challenge. I understand the wiring kit in the package I ordered is shielded wire but according to the item listing, I won’t have enough length and will need more. I am considering going with some shielded cat5 or cat6 and some of these RJ45 breakout PCBs at the motor end and the RAMPS end. Are any of you familiar with this configuration? Will this approach be sufficient? If not, what can you recommend?

Essentially, I’m looking for details on ALL I need to do to shield my electronics from the HF start. Do I need to build a special enclosure for the ramps/Arduino boards or is s simply putting the RAMPS/Arduino at a distance from the torch enough to shield it from the HF?

I also intend on starting the arc with the RAMPS board and was wondering where I might find some information on how to do that.

I am very technically and mechanically inclined, but have absolutely no experience with plasma cutters nor how to overcome the challenges I’ve listed. I’m certain once I get my cutter and parts kit I’ll be able to get it done, but I’m just trying to establish my expectations early so I can be prepared to overcome the challenges I’m unsure about.

Thanks so much!

These guys have more experience. I want to give it a shot but really I would just be cutting a giant sign for myself, not sure what else I might do with it after that.

Keep us updated on how this works out for you! Maybe even a detailed report on how you set it up… Hint hint…

I actually bought a plasma with intentions of building a plasma set up, but summer happened and time is in short supply until winter again.

As long as the relay clicks on and off when you want it to and doesn’t go on and off like crazy (if a pwm signal was sent to it) you should be fine. I would be hesitant grounding the machine and the arduino/ramps stuff together. I think the relay thing should be fine based on what I read in the “Spindle power control” thread in the hardware section of the forum.

On our Torchmate at school the pierce delay is what decides how long the torch stays at the starting position while getting the arc started. I have no clue what you would change in estlcam or any other software for that.