6 Wire stepper rambo mini.

it is possible to connect a 6 wire stepper motor (1.8. step 2.3v 1A) B7894121A Ax050254 to the rambo mini. I tried to shake it and it does not turn? It comes from an old printer.

I have also looked on YouTube but I don’t get rid of it

I think so. Some extruder motors I have have 6 wires. You need to just leave two disconnected, but I don’t know which ones. You’ll need to connect a multimeter to find our, unless you can find a datasheet. The colors will not meam anything.

Here is how a 6 wire stepper is wired. You need to just ignore the middle poles and make sure there are no shorts between the coils before powering it up:


yes it worked. First I searched which three wires belonged together with the beep signal. after that I measured which wires heard together which had the highest resistance with the ohm meter.

Thx :slight_smile: