60" square too big?

Thanks to the bundle kit, I’m about 50% done with my MPCNC build. I went with the SS option for the increased strength and smoothness. My long rails are 60". I’ve kept my Z to 4". Also, I am looking at 500w spindles rather than the Dewalt. My hope is to be able to slide 4x8 sheets under it.

Is this a realistic goal?

The LowRider CNC was designed for this purpose specifically.

I considered the lowrider, but printed part bundles were not available yet and I liked that the mpcnc already has a lot of community support. I will most likely graduate to the lowrider for larger pieces in the not-too-far future, but will the SS 60" function until then? When I get the lowrider, I will downsize the mpcnc to make it more rigid.

I doubt you will enjoy using a 5’x5’ mpcnc it will be significantly less rigid than the recommended build size. You might want to at least cut one axis down to 2’.

We are the same community of people using both machines. They use the same exact hardware and software. The lowRider was my answer to the demand for a machine as large as you want to build. No one has asked for printed or cut parts for it until two days ago. I can print and cut parts and will offer them very soon. I have invested a lot of time and money into the other hardware, but demand has been so low I have spent my time on improving the website and the behind the scenes stuff.

You can build it any size you want, just know you will need to take extra care to get CAM settings correct or you will not get desirable results.

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Thanks for the quick response and for all of your work. Good to know that the lowrider parts will be available. Once I get a little experience w/ the mpcnc, I’m sure I will scale up.