611 plate and Y plate scale issue

Friend of mine tried to use the plate DXF files. Here what he wrote me back.

Hey Ronny,

I just pulled these files over but they are scaled very large. Do you have dimensions for these two parts? When I open the 611 plate it is 230"x140" and the Y Plate is 30"x 167".

Too big. How can we scale these to the proper dimensions? Thanks!

DXF files are unitless, so you have to specify units somewhere when importing them into a program. Most of the time you are prompted in an import box, but sometimes the software package has a default value that must be modified. I just verified that the units used for import should be millimeters, making the 611 plate about 9" x 5.5".


I also worked to find this. I found that LibreCAD (suggested in another post) worked great! I also found that the guy cutting these is using Aspire. There is a nasty problem I found when I tried their trial version. You have to move it to mm BEFORE you load the DXF. I now know what software Iā€™m not paying 4 figures to buy! Thanks for showing me the way here! This is going to be fun!