611 Plate and Y Plates

Does anyone had a printable template of the 611 plate and Y Plates? I exported the DXF but it did not print correctly AT ALL. I was much too small. Any help is greatly appreciated!

It might help to know which application you are using to view/print the dxf. Is it just the scale that is wrong?

Hi Mike! I was using some DXF to PDF at a 1:1 scale. I attempted to open in fusion and turn into a drawing but it printed too small as well.
I’m looking for something that is ready to be printed that can suffice as a template without having to go though multiple different softwares or even just dimensions and I can re-create it.

The 611 plate is 9"x5.5". You can import into Inkscape from a DXF and adjust/print there. You can do the same with the Y plate by exporting the DXF, getting the height, and adjusting in inkscape.

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Thanks Ryan, I’ll give that a shot!

I use LibreCad, it’s free. It does the job although, like you, getting the printer to print at 1:1 needed a little experimenting in the Windows printer driver. The Y plates wont fit on a single A4 sheet so you will have to sellotape two sheets together unless your printer handles A3.

Even after messing with my print driver settings I could not get my home printer to print at the correct scale. I ended up measuring and tracing it out by hand on my plywood based off of the dimensions. The set I got from that were close enough that my lowrider functioned and was able to cut much more accurate ones using the lowrider. I heard one recommendation was to take the pdf’s to a print shop like FedEx/Kinko’s and have them print it to scale on a larger format, though that may be difficult to do given the current circumstances.

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I am going to use esael to cut out the boards and; a 3018 cnc (I know the y cant be carved all the way). What size bit is best to use and also do you cut inside or on shape path. Thanks

You want to cut the holes inside the line and the outline on the outside of the line so the kerf is always in the waste. As to the size of the bit…it depends…but 1/8" or 1/4" diameter. The limiting factor is the inside radiuses (radii) and the drill holes.

Umm… why can’t someone simply upload a PDF of both plates that allow for paper printing to either A4 / A3 ? Most will be cutting these plates by hand… yes ?

This should be added to the main download page… rather than having to convert a DXF file to a printable file in which one has to think about scaling issues.

Just provide a PDF … problem solved.

There are free DXF viewers that will let you print the DXF files out.

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