650x650 ZenXY

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Learned a lot today.
-Really wish I made a cut calculator, my table has some extra room for the drawing so I need to cut new rails.
-Still louder than I would like, I think I am going to try some smaller NEMA17’s instead of these beefy cnc ones, they are decent at a slow speed but crank it up and it makes some noise.
-The control board is easy to mount but I want to make a flip out lcd holder.
-Sandify is still awesome, I have found some other programs used to exist but the companies have closed them off so, thanks guys for Sandify, I think we will see all kinds of sand tables because of this software!
-I think I will make some sort of comb/leveler, I think a good soda height is 1/3 ball diameter, but is a hassle to get even at first and takes a bunch of time to let the ball spread it out.
-Don’t use baking soda from the freezer that has been there for who know how long…clumpy and stinks, I swear I poured it in and my amazon shipment of Heffe ramen and baking soda arrived about half an hour later. grrrrr.
-Made my table legs a bit too tall, dang it.

That's great looking. Nice work. Are you going to install lights or glass?

Not sure about the lights but glass fits I have it in top and bottom. Sketching out some sort of flip out mount now.

Dude, that’s nice looking!

Thanks…its pretty sloppy in person…one thick coat of finish, nail heads sunk but not puttied, aluminum legs. I couldn’t put too much effort into it I know I want a large one, this one will end up being a kids table somewhere soon.

Thinking about your comb/leveler comment. What about a motor with an unbalanced weight attached to it. Activate the motor and it will vibrate the table to more or less level it. Won’t be perfect but seemed like a cool way to do it.

I have had a few people over to look at it now. I think the big draw is the pattern that is there. Most lose interest in watching it actually draw. It sort of loses it’s magic when they see it work. So I don’t think I am going to put lights in it. I am pretty sure I am just going to drop new designs in it all the time.

A new picture daily would be an awesome project and something I might actually look into, just some automatic daily pattern. Maybe even twice a day like a breakfast and dinner landscape change.

I do still think it would be awesome to easily have guests names in the table. So maybe have a pattern in the sand and fire it up to just run there names in real quick.

Going to put a new pattern in right now. Can’t wait to try the new Sandify update!

Time to find a good cursive font that ignores things like dotting the 'i’s, and a way to then generate gcode from it. :slight_smile:

really nice work… can’t wait to see this evolve…

is the hardware pack available yet ? j/k lol



This surprised me, but it makes sense. I hadn’t thought of it, because I love watching it draw. Anyways, that’s caused me to rethink the coding of my arduino streamer. It now has a toggle switch and a button. Toggle on = continuous drawings. Toggle off = prints a new design only when you press the button.