6mm to 10mm belt upgrade for MPCNC?

Just ordered all the parts for the MPCNC from the store. Looking forward to getting it all up and running. I an building it to have a work area of about 800mm x 600mm. I am looking at doing small aluminium jobs with this setup.

It is worth while to upgrade the belts to 10mm for accuracy, or are the 6mm belts more than enough?

(My appologies for the newbie question)

Hi, I would be interested in answer to the belt width too. Iā€™m also in the process of sourcing the materials for a new build of an NPCNC and was also wondering if a 10mm belt would give enough more rigidity to make it worthwhile. My build will be a bit larger, probably 800 x 1200 mm.

(Iā€™m also a newbie here :slight_smile:

No, no issues until about 7ā€™.

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