7 Watt Laser Using Sainsmart Woodpecker Board on MPCNC

Don’t know if anyone has used or done this. But I haven’t found to much info on the wiring that was needed so i figured Id post i case someone has one of these cheap GRBL sainsmart controllers laying around and wants to put it to use.

Setup using a 3018 Sainsmart GRBL Controller to Power my Burgly 23.5 CNC for use with 7 Watt Laser

Works Great… Movement is smooth and Cuts Very Quick Thru 3mm MDF in 6 Passes without Step Down@ 6MM Height and 100 Power.

Parts List:
Stock MPCNC Burgly 23.5
7W+ NUBM47-A1 / NUBM44-V2 450nm Laser Diode G8 Lens
Meanwell 12VDC 5AMP Powersupply
Sainsmart Controller from 3018 Woodpecker edition
Nema 17 motors with Standard Belts Running in Parallel
LaserGRBLWith Push Button Laser Enable

Below is My Wiring Diagram to connect the TTL and External Meanwell PSU to Run 7W Laser:



  • Extending the Y axis 1 foot so machine has more room.
  • Going to be buying one of the Sainsmart MX3 Boards. It uses Mach3 CNC software and has a rs232 Controller which makes it a more versitile machine just due to the software… I get by with Estlcam and repetier host, but truely the MPCNC lacks the Beefy software and tweaks like Mach 3 uses, Customization and Settings. Think Ill quick change mount it to fit dual Laser/ Spindle on the Burgly so i can use either.


Board is $40
Controller is $30


Thinking of using parts from a 3018 to build a mount. Need more horsepower, but know the controls and have standardized designed in the software I’m currently using. Update the drivers for bigger motors and should be good… if it works, great, if not, I just buy a better board… the current state of the 3018 is rough… been pushing it well beyond what it should ever do… time to upgrade