8 Tooth Pull with T5-5 Belts

I have acquired a bunch of 3D Printer / CNC Parts from a company that went out of business about a year ago.
I have a lot of Pullies that are 8 Teeth / Outside Diam. of 15mm, inside diameter for shaft is 5mm.

All of the printers I have use these pullies and T5-5 belts.

Would these work for your CNC Design?

Thanks and Regards,

No problem just re-calibrate your steps/mm in the firmware.

Are they of the ‘square tooth’ belt design?

My 3d printer had a ‘square tooth’ profile belt and it gave issues with inaccuracy. I have since upgraded to 16tooth gt2 pullies and belt and my prints are much cleaner and consistent in general and it instantly fixed the issue I had been chasing for weeks. Your belt might be a better/different design, and you may not have any issues (plus if they were really cheap) I say, give them a go. Just keep this in mind if you have accuracy issues (more specifically repeartability issues)

Just wanted to give a heads up as I spent a lot of time printing upgraded tensioners, changing linear bearings, tightening/loosening assemblies (generally pulling my hair out) chasing a solution to the issue I had, and in the end it was the belt that was the culprit.

Round tooth profile belts are always the preferred option for precision.

Wow that is some good info. That could not have been easy to figure out.

It was pretty painful honestly, but like all good problems, it ended up being a great learning experience.

It’s an issue with square tooth belts that at certain positions, the tooth of the belt either slips into groove on the pully, or doesn’t (catches on corner of tooth) Same position on axis/same number of steps, but one layer the tooth slips in, one layer it doesn’t. Causes layers to shift randomly by fractions of a millimetre on one axis only. Usually manifests on structures with smooth vertical sides.

I know what it is like. I had one issue that took me 4 months to fix, under powered extruder stepper shows as a textured print surface. I also had a loose pulley that took 2 days of rebuilding the center assembly to realize it was a pulley that was moving but not freely spinning, because of the notch on the shaft.
But we are both up and running now!