80mm Spindle Suspension

Ever need some extra support for your oversized payload? I got you covered.

I’m working on some suspension for my 80mm spindle. I haven’t fully gotten this machine working, but I didn’t think it was right to ask a stepper to hold up the 11lb behemouth by itself. I thought I’d bring in a 15lb gas spring.

I haven’t designed the tool holder yet, but here’s a picture of the Z-Axis supporting the spindles weight without the help of the stepper.

[attachment file=108770]

More to come.

Cool. I have a few spring assist tool holders they are pretty cheap and have a decent consistency to the load handling. That is much cleaner though.

Pretty much there!


Designed the spindle holder! Couldn’t use the original tool holder due to clearance.

Ryan: This is a spring assisted tool holder. The purpose would be to give a counterweight to a heavy Z load. Without the spring, the single Z stepper has to lift this huge piece of metal all over the place. I’m thinking I can get some faster z travel with this and maybe run that stepper a little cooler (Idk if that will be an issue anyway).

Also, if I cut power to the machine, the Z-Axis stays in place and doesn’t crash into the workpiece.

[attachment file=“Pic 1.jpg”]
[attachment file=“Pic 2.jpg”]
[attachment file=“Pic 3.jpg”]


That is cool!

How does it work? That looks to be a very small Z stepper so if it is doing even normal speeds with that large spindle you did good work!

Great idea for sure.