9 vs. 90

I was thinking “9 cm” so I typed a 9 in the height. The larger one is 90mm tall… :stuck_out_tongue:

[attachment file=“53658”]

For some reason the little one just doesn’t have the same detail :wink: . I bet if you used a vbit and a tiny step over you would be able to get a pretty good amount of detail in that. Cool comparison though thanks for showing the pic.

Barry made a tiny beetle that turned out pretty good.

I need a vbit. I will have to get one. I wanted the wood carved away more too and found the setting for that.

Here’s the next carving:[attachment file=53676]

I’m curious if the “Can I carve deeper?” question Estlcam gave me is why it has the deeper carving right around the object. I said yes, but don’t want to run this again just to see if that caused it. :slight_smile:

-deleted double post-

Because I still had the program open, here’s the rest of the settings I used. Anything else in here that could be improved? Doing the rough carving with a flat end mill would be a good idea, but I don’t have confidence in changing the tools during a carve and getting the height just right. Need to 3d print a spacer or something that can do that.

-wrong file attached-

I renamed it, I think the name was used by someone else 'cause it was the right file on my end, but the wrong one turned up in the post.

It will take longer but I would maybe bring the roughing a little looser on the allowance tolerance (vertical parallel might be faster) .8-1mm and then increase the heck out of the stepover on the finishing to under 10%. I think i usually did 8% or less.