.902"ID (.049" wall thickness) 1" pipe. Too flexible?

Who has built a LowRider with .049" wall thickness tubing? What sort of ‘sag’ are you seeing across the gantry? Does the router bounce at all with Z-moves?

I just got my .049" pipes from a local supplier. I feel like I got kind of ripped off…I got 4 12" and 2 27" tubes, both .049 for $99 (includes tax). I definitely could of done better but hey…for my purposes with the machine it should pay for itself within a week or two. I am still miles ahead cheaper than a Chinese 6040.

I can’t speak for the machine YET, maybe ask me in a week when it is complete. I can say I tried as hard as I could to bend the 27" tube and it wouldn’t give. I am sure it is more than enough, then again I have very short spans.