A bit Funny

So, been finishing up the new table, got it wired, first movements, and I noticed scrapping and skipped steps. First thing I thought of, maybe the edges are not 90 degrees… Much sanding later… still happening. Decided to watch it as it goes, and it seemed one side was going faster than the other? Uhm, OK. I didn’t change the firmware. Was it the controller weight bogging one side down? Then thought, I just put on the 10mm belts, so it should have even less an effect than the 6mm ones. Watched it again, the side away from the controller was winning the race. What could cause one side to go faster? The teeth on the belt is the same, then I looked at the pulleys… Sigh… China wins again, I though I had a bag of all 16T 10mm pulleys, seems that half were 20T.

Easy fix, now everything should be perfect…



It’s like you’re taking an old dog and a puppy on a walk.

Just spent the last 30 mins moving it back and forth the length of the table, very smooth… lol

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