A blast from the past

Cleaning my back room and found a box of spare prints. Inside there was this bag:

[attachment file=113921]

My first MPCNC parts. No center section, I decided to switch to PETG before I managed to print a usable version of the two big Z shaped parts due to a roll of bad filament.

Oh, and a few pieces missing that I used for torture testing leaving them in the back seat of my truck all summer to see how PLA would hold up to the AZ heat. Interestingly enough the PLA MPCNC parts held up very well - they did soften but it took a lot of pressure to get them to deform. Smaller simpler PLA prints I subjected to the same test deformed under their own weight.

I should get rid of these…but they’re kind of fun to run across every now and then :smiley:

Do they bring you joy?

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I understood that reference!

I’m waiting for the episode where someone says “Hmmm… You bring me joy!” and they hogtie her and drag her off to their basement… Oh, wait… Nevermind…

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If I ever break a part on my machine and need one in a hurry they’ll bring me a ton of Joy :smiley:

It also makes me happy looking at them and realizing how much better my prints have gotten. Even the final parts I wound up using looked a lot better than these.

Though I’d get a lot more joy out of completely rebuilding my machine and bringing it up to burly spec…so I really should stop talking about that and just start doing it :smiley:


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That’s the part that always gets me…

No, the sandpaper has never brought me joy, but if I don’t have it, I will just immediately have to go to the store to buy it.

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Does “Prevent anxiety and panic attacks” equal “Bring joy”? Asking for a friend…

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No, it’s definitely time to get rid of that baby blanket.