A few brave MP3DP volunteers needed

I just updated the MP3DP firmware with the s curve and junction deviation stuff in the github branches. I want to start here, before we move to the CNC firmware. I have it running and no issues so far, any I haven’t noticed anything drastic. If you are feeling frisky, give it a flash and put it through it’s paces and I can drop it int the CNC firmware soon. I didn’t change/tune any of the stock settings for it.

You should be able to either print a little faster or have better prints, or both, all while beating up your machine a little less.


Thanks in advance.

Can I have reuse my personalized configuration.h as is, or do I need the merge some settings?

I have two versions, a mini-rambo and a ramps. Just double check your steps and the rest should be good.


It does seems to be making a noticeable difference with tiny moves, like the ones for overhang infill, rapid 2mm moves. I think, subtle but to me subtle is better than drastic.

I’m in, got to print MPCNC corners for the lathe…

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