A few considerations before starting this project


First of all I do apologise for not reading all the interesting posts first, I will do this later on.
I would like to try this beautiful CNC platform, but I am not sure whether I am able to do the electronics as an electronics dummy. Does the assembly pictures are sufficient? For instance I can’t find the link between the Ramps and the Arduino Mega. And where to put the resistor?
Furthermore the assembly of the belts is missing.
To be sure of the parts, I will order the electronics bundle from Vicious… I am from The Netherlands and the bundle price with shipping is not much more in comparison with ordering in my neighborhood.
I am experienced with 3d-printing and mechanics, so that’s no problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jack,

A fellow Dutchmen here, I have got my parts printed, ready for assembly. Just have to hold off due to the tubing not being delivered yet :frowning:
Ramps and Arduino is simple, They stack together… And as far as the place for the resistor, it is a ‘normal’ ramps… so if you search for ‘thermistor connect ramps’ you will probably get a few links with the correct instruction… here is a pdf about ramps…Ramps guide.

For the rest the assembly looks pretty straight forward… The belt is a single stretch from one end to the other looping over the stepper gear…
Not sure where you live, I am in Almere, but you are more then welcome as soon as I have mine finished… But it looks harder then it is eventually :slight_smile:

I think it is a well thought project and easy to build. Just the printing takes a really long time. So I hope you will enjoy this project because I believe is quite easy to build and I don’t have a huge garage with all tools available… Just a drill, screwdriver and som other minor tools :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

Ok, I’ll search for it, thanks. I think I first shave to start printing and ordering the bundle electronics. Did you buy it from Vicious? I roughly calculated (not sure having the right parts) and came out about 40 euros less.
I am living in Utrecht. If it goes wrong, I gladly accept your invitation, but first I have to start…


Sorry it is kinda hard to organize all this information. Here is where the resistor goes, https://www.v1engineering.com/ramps-wiring/, if you buy it from here you will not need anything else from that page I do all the rest before shipping. If not that page handles all the ramps stuff.

I have the pictures taken for the belt guide but really its more to see how I do the cable ties, the belt itself is easy. SO easy I have never had a belt guide and have only been asked once or twice about it in the last year and a half. But I did take the pictures on friday and will be putting up the guide in a day or two.

Of course I can’t comment on the rest my opinion on assembly ease doesn’t really count. If you have built a 3d printer, this is the same thing just larger parts.

Ok, maybe I am too much of a doubter… I’ll give it a try. I see, when necessary, the forum is helpful.

Jack -

I’d put these somewhere between standard LEGOS and LEGO Technics on the LEGO scale of difficulty.

Haha Tony, I should ask my children then? No, it’s not the mechanics and printing part, but the electronics. But I will manage…

If you check the ramps guide… all is explained… but that is for a 3d printer but eventually it is exactly the same! :slight_smile:
And although you read of lot of redouble on the electronic side, the ramps is a pretty durable piece of electronics… The stepper drivers to drive the motors are the most likely to break. (that’s why I have some spare, but so far never needed to use them). As long as you remember to switch of the current as soon as you do anything with wires, then you and your electronics will be fine

So the electronics was a simple plug and play. Took all of 2 minutes to plug all the cables in tops