A few questions


I’m attempting to build the MPCNC machine with a working surface of 60x63cm. I have a few questions, which I need help with.

1.) Is the desired working surface too big to be handled by a MPCNC machine?

2.) The conduit was already bought and the plastic parts are already printed. I tried putting the rollers on the conduit, too see how it fits and discovered, that
the corresponding rollers do not move the same - if I orient both conduits, of a selected axis, vertically and put the rollers to the top, one will slide to the bottom
without any force, whereas the other will have to be pushed. Currently, I’m thinking of using some fine sand paper, to smoothen the conduit a little bit.

  • Should the rollers be behaving like one the first conduit or the second one?
  • Is there anything else, which can be done, to smoothen the movement of the rollers on the conduit - e.g. could loosening the 2.5″ bolt help with this? I know I could
    try it myself, I’d just like to know, how this is usually handled and what not to do. :slight_smile:

3.) Probably not a question for this forum, but I’ll ask it anyway. I’m using the TB6560 3 axis control board (I’ve read on some sites it’s not great, but for now I’ll have to make it work).
I’ve figured the correct pin configuration in Mach3 and got all 5 motors spinning in the correct direction. Do I have to configure anything specifically also for the z-axis?

Thank you in advance for your help.


1)Probably not. Depends on your end use. Aluminum gets a bit more difficult at that size but it totally still works.

2)Rolling under gravity is uncommon, there are bolts that control the tension. I would say a good way to adjust them is to just get them to the point they stick and not fall because of gravity. Also try rotating the conduit, it tends to be an oval.


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