A few things made

Here are a few items I have made with the assistance of the MPCNC.


That is some great work. I really like that silent night inlay. Very good details.

Those mirrors have the back carved out, and then you added a light panel behind somehow?

Those are all awesome! Do you mind sharing some details on the mirrors especially?

Mirrors are engraved with a laser (https://www.v1engineering.com/the-2-8-watt-100-laser/) explained here (https://www.v1engineering.com/laser-engraving-mirrors/). I used PicEngrave software to speed up the engraving. The mirrors are 10" x 10" and it still took 4-1/2 to 5 hours to engrave each mirror. I created a “shadow box” , used a router to create a grove, and put an adhesive LED strip in the top and bottom groove. Lastly I paint a backer board white (I use a high gloss paint) to help reflect the color back to the mirror.

The LED strips are colored LED’s, I have experimented with painting the engraving and using a white LED’s, but I have liked the look of the colored LED’s for the ones in the photos better.

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Cool! Thank you very much! I take it you are from Wisconsin then?

What gave it away? :smiley:


Are you into drone racing too, or just made those for a client?


All of the snow and holiday themed cuttings. Sconnie resident here too. Keep up the great work!

Just started to get into the racing this year. Made the trophies for our local club, the lexan engraving was just for fun.

Nice work this is the closest thing I have seen to what I have been doing for the last 3 years.

I use custom designed frames made from 4mm alpolic which is a aluminum plastic composite material. Basically the exact same process… LEDS strips bright white backing.

Also made some custom 3d printed bases for table top signs.



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Your posts were the inspiration for me getting a laser and trying this out. Also, for investing in PicEngrave Pro software. Next up I am going to try doing some photo engraving on the mirror. Waiting until after the holidays when I will have some more time.

I picked up some mirrors this weekend to play with and ran a test job last night. I set up 6 small squares of 30mm x 30mm with a single line outline and a filled rectangle (20mm x 15mm) inside the square, burned them at 100% power (with a 3.5w laser) at speeds of 10-, 30-, 50-, 60-, 80-, and 100 mm/s.

Results weren’t perfect, but encouraging. The back side of the mirror is a very dark gray material. The single line outline only burned all the way through and was visible from the front of the mirror at the 10mm/s speed, but the sold rectangles burned through at all speeds. The faster speeds left behind a “smokey” look (I guess leaving some of the gray material behind), and I could see clear ringing from the high speed, high acceleration, fast and short moves. The low speeds actually etched the glass. It has a very textured “frosted” type of look from the front and I can feel the deep pits and etching in the glass on the back. So more experimentation with power and speed is needed. I may just go ahead and do a full 10 x 10 grid. But I’m also thinking that if I want to make these, it may be more efficient to cut a mask out of vinyl and use the sandblaster.