A Frinds Etsy Shop, Art

My friend’s wife started an Etsy shop and she is ultra talented. Knowing some of her background and previous projects she has worked on I would be willing to bet this will get huge. I got a print but she has just added originals as well. I can tell you the print is amazing and I will be getting an original. Cool people all around. Hubby has an MPCNC since really early on, still uses it all the time for giant 3D prints, and has updated a few times so this isn’t totally out of left field.

Hope you guys don’t mind a post like this but I am just pretty stoked to share.


Like I said, I am confident the originals are going to be hard to get a hold of when people catch wind of her shop!

Is she paying some type of licensing to Disney to use their characters in her artwork?

A buddy of mine was wanting to do cutting boards with the A&M logo and had to get official licensing from them.

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I am not sure but she has done a lot work for some vary large companies so I can only assume it is on the up and up.

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I used to work for the Mouse. I hope she doesn’t have a licensing agreement, but that her work is different enough to prevent any sort of action from their legal dept. They are, single-handedly, the reason our IP laws are so screwed up. What was originally designed as a mechanism to protect artists for a period of time to allow them to reap the benefits of their work and sustain themselves before having their work enrich the common good, is now bastardized so that corporations squat on valuable IP, forcing others to pay for their nether-sweat coated “original ideas”, whose creators have long since passed away. </seethe>

OK, I’m done. Very nice artwork, BTW, I hope she does a booming business!

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