A Low Rider in Italy

Hi guys,

I have problem to found the tubes, I’v bought it from uk but they send me the 25.00x1.5 :frowning:

Now i found another seller who can ship me the 25.4 but polished, it can be ok?

Or is best to use the 25.00? Someone have used it?

Polished should be fine. The right size is most important.

Hi guys,


The LowRider is alive! :slight_smile:

Thank you Ryan!


Heck yeah!!!

There is a company called McMaster Carr they have the tube you need. I do not know how much it would cost to ship to you though.


My LCD screen went blank. I can still operate with Repetier though.

Any suggestions what may be the issue with LCD?


Well if it is anything like mine, either your 5v regulator died or your plugs are reversed. If the screen only lights on when its plugged in usb, then its the 5v that’s gone. If it just doesn’t show anything regardless, check the plugs

Where did you get your tubes? Here in Norway I cant seem to find any 25.4mm locally. I finished my table and 3d printed parts a couple* of weeks ago, but still missing them tubes. Been keeping one eye open for them for a good long while now, but I think I actually have to order from somewhere that can send them to me.


*more than a couple

I found it only in uk

Take a look on ebay Lars, request specifically 25.4 someone have in stock the 25