A New Forum Section?

I was thinking a section in the forum for Feedrate of different materials might be useful.

Eg. 1. If you are cutting MDF list what bit you are using (1 flute, 2 flute. Up or down cut)
2. Depth of your pass
3. Feedrate
4. Approximate rotational speed (if possible)

Wasnt sure where to put this where it will be seen.

Good Idea! I wanted to make a page for the settings I have used but… so many things so little time. I’ll open up a forum and maybe get a sticky going after a we get some activity.

We need some standards though, like

1)Machine size, Z-length
2)What spindle
3)What bit
4)What material
5)Cam screen shot (for step over, depth of cut, feedrate, plunge rate, ramp in, ect)
6)Closeup of the cut?

Think of any others?

Looks good to me

Looking forward to this. Great idea!

So I rearranged the forum yesterday in prep to make this forum but couldn’t decide where it belonged. So subforum under software like the international languages? Then we could do laser, milling, printing, ect?

I’m no good at this stuff so any help/suggestions arranging these forums would be awesome.

Might be considered hardware, no?

Probably under software, it is mostly software settings other than the bit.

I’d vote for a separate section called “CNC Settings” or “CNC Configurations”. Someway to separate setting up the software running the machines vs. the software used for designing parts and other facets of these projects.

I’m with Derek on this one. Give it a new section at the root called CNC settings or something similar. Quick and easy to find.

It could be laid out like this

-CNC Settings

  • Laser Settings
    -Material 1 Settings
    -Material 2 Settings
    -Material 3 Settings
    -CNC Settings
    -Material 1 Settings
    -Material 2 Settings
    -Material 3 Settings

Fully agree. This would be very beneficial for the community.

For the time being we could use this thread to build a repository of settings. I guess lets use the following format.

Material and thickness -
Tool/Bit (Flutes, size, upcut/downcut/straight)-
Feedrate (mm/s)-
Depth of Cut (mm)-
Machine Size (Xmm/Ymm/Zmm)-
Spindle Type (Brand and Model)-

Then attach any pictures of the cut you like.


Good enough? Suggestions?