A new methos for 3D Printing

Maybe the method is not new but the idea and solution of this 3D printer is great.

I was looking for a small, very accurate 3D printer and found this about 2 months ago.
I registered to be given heads up on when this was live, and available to purchase.
This morning I got up at 4am to place my pledge, and I was not disappointed. I ordered
two of these and four solution bottles, all for $99 + $29US shipping to Australia.

They will not be available until Sep 2016, but I can wait.

I thought it maybe of interest to some of you as the price is right, and if the end printed product
is as good as they claim, I will be very happy indeed!

The link to their site is http://www.olo3d.net/ I have no affiliate with this at all, this is just for all
you good people here that maybe interested.


Yea, don’t know about this one. Their videos are kinda sketchy(the Mario the kid was playing with is bigger than the olo’s build chamber). I’d rather build a bigger one with a dlp projector. At least then you can build something big enough to actually use.

That is cool. I messed with an sls a while ago. it takes a lot of force to lift each layer before it sets it back to develop the next layer. I would love to see how they are fitting that much power in that small of a package.

I should pledge I guess.

so this is being used with other 3d printers now… Technically the same type of technology is used in the morpheus 3d printer… what it does is cache the layers and plays them back 1 by one on your screen… It works in theory fairly well, however you are 100% dependent on the resolution of your screen (which on iphone etc is good) but on the tablet morpheus uses its not as good.
If this printer was using an IPAD pro, or something large with super high rez i would try it, but this is tiny.

I wonder how they keep the resin from solidifying in the bottles? They can’t use uv cured resin, our screens don’t emit uv light, so it’s just light cured resin. Their bottles are clear! You’re also going to be looking at minutes per layer print time because of this. Projector/laser based printers are seconds per layer.