A pencil case. Again. How many more, you might ask. A lot, I say!

Some of you might remember the prototype I had in July. This time it worked way better. Took beech, tweaked the toolpaths a bit and got a great result. Only thing Iโ€™d change is filling the letters somehow, maybe I really need to get those inlays going. :smiley: Or buy epoxy.


Tight shit, Iโ€™d say. Actually holds without the magnets. Love the accuracy of the MPCNC. Thanks Ryan. :slight_smile:

In between. Just for the curious.

If you want to make a box yourself, here is the Estlcam-File for hardwood (pretty slow, 800mm/min, 2mm DOC. Used to do it faster, but wanted to be sureโ€ฆ): Stiftebox Blanko Kreis v1 Hartholz.zip (48.7 KB)


Looks like a tight fit to me!