A pencil case. Again

I did post some of the steps in my build thread, but since Ryan says we are supposed to post our makes here, I am going to do so from now on. Here is my newest pencil case. I am not happy with the borders of the C being so small, but I made changes to the blank template. Next case on Friday I hope with the new template. :smiley:


Stunner! I love the texture in the “C”. Overall, I think it is just fantastic. Cool idea and cool execution of it. Thanks for the Gallery pics as well.

The texture exists because I was too lazy to change the endmill and 5% stepover is too much for the sharp engraving bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I thought the texture was on purpose. It looks planned. Nice job!

Here is the new template, in case anybody wants to make one as well. The top lid does not have any paths since it is done as a second program. You just add the things you want the lid to have. I take off 6mm first, then I engrave names, logos etc.

Stiftebox Blanko Kreis v1.zip (46.4 KB)


This is how it looks like if it does not work. I made three mistakes in total… Ugh. But I saw it through to the end, to at least have the prototype of the new version.


I really like the lined effect of the v-bit clearing in the lettering. But yeah, I can see there may have been mistakes made… And lessons learned! Keep moving forward!

Oh come on… How could anyone object to a big hole in their nose? :slight_smile:

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That’s no hole, it’s for the COVID mask…

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What program are you using to carve the letters?

Estlcam. The “Tatjana” font ist called “Tahu!”.

How are you clearing out the middle of the letters? I keep getting islands and don’t see anywhere to clear them. Are you running a hole as a second operation with an offset?

You have to pick “Style - Carve inside” when creating the font, in the same window where you choose font type etc.


I was uploading a dxf file from inkscape. I might have t redo it using estlcam i guess.

You can get the exact same result with an imported .dxf file using pocket/island