A question and a warning i guess

Oh my god what a weekend with the ol’ MPCNC. basically everything was being weird and not working and after trying literally every damn thing else it turned out that the little grubscrews that hold the pulleys on had fallen out and got lost at some point, so everyone check those because good luck finding them again if you lose them holey moley.

Now, question is, the only thing i got on hand that’s the right diameter and thread pitch for the pulleys are inch long screws. They turn all the way round and they don’t catch on anything, is it gonna be okay to run it like this until i can find some shorter ones? not going to unbalance anything? I mean i know probably not but better safe than sorry

Everything in this is rigid enough that I would have no issue using one inch screws…

I don’t think it would matter these motors aren’t turning that fast.

Oh bummer, I had a loose one for a while and it took me a while to find it. Luckily it did not fall out. You will be fine with the long screw as long as you are carefull. I’m moving all the stuff but if I find the screw box I’ll let you know if there are any extra grubs.

Well i got a cut done! only slightly ruined by the fact that i thought the 18mm MDF was 13mm MDF, and that i haven’t levelled the bed yet so you can see the marks from where it was moving around to get in position to do the edge defining runs, but nothing a jigsaw and sandpaper can’t take care of. honestly i think i like the actual screws better and i’m gonna get some shorter ones. farting around with allen keys is a pain.

Nice! You should try out that spray paint and sanding thing from the estlcam carve video. That’s how I did the stamp and it looks awesome!