Aaron's Project Log

Made some keychains/pendants, African mahogany and cedal, inlay goes all the way through. Got a stash of hardwoods from a local scroll sawer, very hard to find here unless via ebay or online.[attachment file=84006]


Have you been to Paxton or Austin hardwoods? I think actual african mahogany is super rare but there are some similar species. Paxton has a wood of the month at a pretty good discount.

That is an incredibly detailed keychain though.

It's tough to tell what it actually is, it might be sapele but doesn't have the same endgrain structure, but it does have that shiny chatoyancy that African mahogany does.


I wish I could go to a nice hardwood supplier, but I’m about 14,000 miles from Texas, haha. We do have a lot of monkeypod here though.


1/16 bit, the circle part itself is about 2 inches, add maybe 1/4" for the keyring hole. Cut really nice on the mpcnc, and using my 4x2 workbee to batch them out. I also used the 1/8 collet adapter sleeve from rockler (I have the 611 on my mpcnc), run-out isn't bad at all.

Darnit, I confused you with Aaryn again. Sorry, I thought you were in Colorado.

Nautilus pendant, Maple and redheart! From pencil drawing to CNC![attachment file="84182"]


Some 3d carved. Mpcnc held up fine, after roughing, able to go 20mm/s and 5mm/s z for the finishing pass. Takes a light enough bite to go faster.


Redheart and lacquer.[attachment file=84325]


Ummmmm, that is way to cool. WOW!

[attachment file=“86811”]
[attachment file=“86812”]

More stuff coming out for Valentine’s day.


You are trying to take over the Gallery aren’t you!

Kind of? Pushing these out so I can raise enough money to get an LR2 parts kit so I can donate it to the local college makerspace! EstlCAM can crank these out too, just takes awhile to compute.

You built a machine, that is helping to make you money…let that sink in a little bit.

It’s fully sunk in… I’ve been 3d printing and doing CNC for the past year as my only job.

One more for the weekend, poly is still drying, but really liked the way the resin popped.[attachment file=87165]

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WHAT!!! That is awesome!



That’s nuts! Congrats dude! How are you selling? Esty? Facebook? I’m sure people are loving the pendants.

Local targeted Facebook and Instagram, and also local popups and other weekly night markets. That transitioned to people looking for prototype manufacturing. Jewelry is a small part, and currently working on furniture designs to sell flat pack. Started with mpcnc, then on to a custom size Openbuilds Workbee, and getting a CNCRP machine real soon.

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So do you still use the MPCNC or have you moved off to the other ones?

I still use the MPCNC, although I scaled it down from 48" wide cutting area to the standard 24x24 total foot print. I still use the MPCNC because it’s the smallest one I can bring around and also keep in the office part of my shop.


I've been using a Rockler 1/4 to 1/8 collet adapter, and have been meaning to get the precision collet for the dw611... But I think I'm doing just fine with it in aluminum...


[attachment file=89234]


Made some awards. Awards are stained with a lot of coffee, seaglass powder in the resin inlay, and french polished dark shellac.


Also have a line of horoscope pendants as requested by customer.