Aaronsparky's table

So we needed a table for our new maker space. What better table for a maker space then one with giant gears for the base. Better yet, I’ll use my LowRider2 to cut it all out. I did a quick sketch in autocad with not a lot thought put into it. I figured lets go outside my normal workflow and just wing it.

If you are still following along, here it is.


I LIKE it! :+1:


That is freaking gorgeous!

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Looking real snazzy!

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Thanks for the kind words! I just noticed the “one project per post” topic. I’ll follow suit.

Thanks again Ryan for these incredible machines. I have been woodworking since highschool and I never would have imagined how this machine would open up a whole new world of creativity. :+1:

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Yeah…punk…you made me choose a thumbnail from all your really nice looking projects! Why do I have to choose one when I want them all!!!


I actually really want them broke up so if you and Jeff want to take that on, I would be more than happy to take up more individual space on the gallery! :sunglasses:

I don’t have the keys to do that. Just Ryan.

Really? Dangit.

Let me see what I can do.

That’s really cool.

Just a small design consideration… the two bolts in the middle by the teeth are tweaking my OCD a little. My eyes want to see those bolts following the same curve as the other ones.

I feel that (although I didn’t notice it the first time). But spacing those out makes it much stronger.

There are several things I would design differently, although those particular bolts dont really bother me much.

I think I only put 30 min into the drawing, quickly loaded into Estlcam and hit go 8 times! Normally I would’ve 3d modeled the whole table. Doing things on the fly is much more stressful for me for sure.

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I just want to repeat… I really do like the table!

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Very cool table… How are the gears attached to the feet / shoulders?

Blind screws. They are recessed and filled. The finish is that hammered rust oleum finish so it hides well and give a cast iron type look. I shellac the MDF prior to paint so that it is sealed first.

If I redesigned it I think I would cnc holes for 1/2” through bolts.

That thing is seriously sick! Mad props!

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Awesome make!

I agree I think I’d add an addition fake head to the outer ring and paint the inner bolts black.

Regardless it’s an awesome table.