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Can’t wait to start!

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getting close. waiting on end stops and wires to continue the build.

Mint green printed with .4mm nozzle, 0.6mm extrusion width, 60% infill.

Black printed with 0.8mm nozzle, 0.28 layer height, 0.9 extrusion width, but 0.8 width for first layer, top solid infill and infill. Clearances have been perfect.

The z mounts were extremely snug. Should have sanded the cutout a little after the spray paint. some paint rubbed off on the sides of the mount, but a little nail polish remover cleared that up

Once I get my extra roll of mint in I’ll print the last part the CORE! little nervous about that one with those overhangs. we shall see.

Hi everyone. New to this. Excited to start putting my Creality Ender 3 to the task… but hit a snag… trying to print out the LR Core, the print dislodged from the bed… 14 hours in :unamused:

I don’t have the printer enclosed and I’m in my basement where the temperature is around 64 degrees. Anybody have any thoughts on what I can do to prevent another dislodge? I printed two Y Drives fine and the Core was my third print.

Hi @GeorgeJ,
Welcome to the madness!! I’m sorry you had a hiccup printing the Core.
I would suggest you to start a new thread for your build, and we will help you from there

Ok will do