About to order. Wondering difference in 5A and 30A kit?

Yay. Ordering finally! Just wondering the difference in the 5A vs 30A options? 30A sounds better right?


I just saw by searching that the 30A is good if you plan on using a heated bed, or laser. :slight_smile:

The deed is done. 30A kit has been ordered. This is legit.

Good timing, I only have one more left, until Monday I hope. I am packing it up now, ship it shortly.

Freaking awesome!

Aww Yeah!

Ahhhhhh, it looks like that box got beat up and kicked. I might have to start double boxing these things.

Yeah, the box looked like it was part of an impromptu USPS football game. But for as heavy as it is, I wasn’t surprised. Haven’t actually opened the box yet, but I’m not really expecting any damage. Will see tonight.

My box was kinda rough when it showed up as well. No damage. But as Benjamin said the box is pretty heavy.

My box looked pretty beat up too, but a quick look inside revealed that everything seems fine.
Still printing and have not had time to set up the electronics yet.

I think this is how it was treated en route: