ABS prints

I understand that ABS changes size when cooling… can it be somehow compensated?

Asking because I can print much faster on large ABS printers.

Are there certain parts that must be printed using PLA?


Shrinkage can be compensated for but warping can’t.

I have never seen a printer that can print ABS and not PLA, If you prefer using another material PET/PETG is a better choice.

That is not the only reason I suggest PLA though. PLA is more rigid, abs and PET are more flexible, that is why some say it is stronger, it doesn’t break as easily because it bends. PLA holds it form longer before it breaks, ideal for this use. The downside to PLA is its ability to withstand high heat, about 20 degrees C less than ABS/PET.

I had a conversation today with a person that looks after the 3D printers at one of the local colleges.
He said that there are ABS machines that can print quite a few parts of that size, at once.
And that he doesnt have a similar large machine that uses PLA…

Some of these parts take 12 hours each using the recommended settings. You can fit a ton of parts on a bed at once but generally you do not want to do that becuase your chance of failure goes way up. Putting more parts on the bed actually makes the prints take longer do to travel moves. it is only good to do with very small parts.

You want stiffness, not necessarily sheer strength. I am not sure how much it actually matters especially at high infills but every bit counts. PLA is great for us, the only downside is the said low temp resistance and isn’t forgiving when it comes to over tightening.

What kind of printer is this? If it can do abs, why not PETG or PLA? Both can be printed and are somewhat preferable to be printed on heated beds and enclosures. Another thing to be noted as that if you print too many parts at once, your layer adhesion might suffer. The layers may cool off too soon if there is a ton of geometry to cover in just 1 layer. Fast machines don’t have this issue

If it only prints in abs it’s probably a SLS machine. I don’t think we’ve seen a mpcnc made with those kinds of parts.

I didn’t think of that. $$$, but cool to see!

I confirmed the ABS printer specs (Fortus 900 or 400), they can’t use PLA:

Have you asked for a price yet? We had the same model at my school. It was about $500/12hours. Not sure if the rates have gone down in the last 3 years.

Holy! It’s like a Fanuc of the 3D printer world.

On the other end we have MPCNC and Snappy, lol.

If we can scale Snappy up to 200x200 so it can print a MPCNC…

Sorry, what is Snappy ?