Accidently printed Burly parts instead of Primo

So i made the foolish mistake of realizing i had printed the Burly parts instead of the Primo parts; on thingiverse the Burly parts come up higher ranking in search results. 2kg+ and 2 weeks of printing later and I’m left with a box full of PLA chunks lol.

Does anyone know if there is still any use for these parts? Cant even buy the Burly kit in the v1 store anymore…I was thinking of finishing assembly and making it into a laser engraver. But if i can dual-attach a laser engraver and CNC to the Primo i would rather use it for dual purpose to save space. If it is a process to swap out the CNC and attach laser engraver each time, i would then build both. Is it worth it to use these parts? Is printing a second set of Primo parts and building a second machine for laser engraving better off? Does anyone want to buy these parts i printed for dirt cheap otherwise?

Appreciate the advice!

For laser engraving, I think the burly would be more than what you’d need.

If we’re pulling hairs, the Primo just makes squaring the gantry a bit easier, it’s a bit more rigid, and the belts are easier to tension, etc. Considering laser engraving doesn’t really need a “more” rigid machine and you’ll probably be using dual endstops for anything with a laser… I’d say you should just use the parts you’ve printed for now and upgrade to the primo later (if ever).

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