Accuracy Help Please

See the attached photo. I am having problems with the accuracy of cuts the further I get from X=0 and Y=0. What I am showing in the photo is that as I move further from 0,0 the accuracy cuts are shorter and shorter. The block overall length should be 16.50" and it is coming out 16-7/16. I had first thought it may be the CAM software that I was using but I switched CAM software and it is doing the same thing. The only thing I can think of is it may be the firmware steps per mm on the X axis but, the cuts incrementally getting worse and worse have me stumped. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am STUMPED!!!

Check your leg lengths. Table surface to lower edge of the conduit.

Any other ideas?? I leveled the legs by making 4 spacer blocks exactly the same length that would sit between the lower rails and the table surface at each corner. Same result with the longest measurement being off by a 1/16th of an inch (supposed to be 16.50" measures 16-7/16") Is it worth trying to change the steps per mm? By my calculations the new steps per mm would be (200*(16.5/16.4375))=200.7605. Maybe just round it to 200.76. This is really stumped me because the Y-Axis is coming out perfectly.

If you are off 1/16th of an in over 16.5" you are really close. I would not change the steps, both axis are using the same thing. I would say tighten the belt on that axis just a touch. Try plotting a square as large as your cutting area to check more accurately, it could be tool flex or rail flex depending on how big your machine is and how fast your cutting.