Acrylic controller case

Back when I first started the MPCNC project (burly) I made myself an acrylic case. It came out okay but had many design flaws that only came out when I needed to open it up (for modifications and such). Little by little I modded that case. Recently I decided I wanted to add joystick support. My old case wouldn’t be able to support it, so I decided to take a break from upgrading the router and upgrade the controller. I took all my design flaws and found solutions that I was very happy with. One big improvement was how I connected them all together. My last design used printed corners that allowed a nut on the inside that was hot glued in place. Well they never really stayed in place and just dropped into the controller. Now i used pressed inserts… SOO much better. Also the top lid was my access point. If I wanted access, I needed a screw driver. This round I used thumb screws. Also added an e-stop connector.

Best part was my work had this acrylic sheet as scrap!


Forgot to show the bottom. This is for the board to cool. Placed on the bottom so chips and dust stay out



With the estop from Amazon. It’s ultimately wired to to the reset switch on the LCD panel


That is the nicest case I have seen yet!

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Very pretty. I guess you’re always connecting via USB, and not using the SD card though?

Yes. My old case had an SD card extender, but I never used it anyway. My MPCNC has a dedicated computer and I just run everything though that.

Thank you! When I don’t have projects to make, I’m always trying to improve the machines I have. For me, looks are just as important as functionality :smiley:

Really excited to use the joystick!!!

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That’s really impressive.

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That is a really nice controller. Super clean. What controller are you using and how did you wire up the joystick? Was there custom firmware required to use it?

There’s a whole topic on here. I pretty much followed it. I use the Rambo full. I edit my own firmware but i think there’s a link to the firmware.

You have to scroll a bit down past the comments that Rambo is difficult to wire. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also editing the firmware is super easy

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