Add a laser to engrave?

Looking for a proven non Jtech laser suggestion? I would like to add a laser for engraving…

Would like to be able to engrave some text into wood with a laser. thx. is where i purchase my laser then built my driver and PWM from scrach

I have 3 of these!
Easy set up basically plug and play.
3.5 watt

What was your setup for these? Do you have pictures? I’m thinking about downsizing my current setup for just laser engraving wood and looking for a decent laser to use.

Mine is not setup on a printer, it just a simple XY setup.

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what are you using for safety glasses with these?

They come with some cheap ones but I bought some that are better from Amazon.

I ended up getting a SainSmart 445nm/5.5W

Now that I got it how to I hook it up and what software am I using to control it?

What control board are you using?

I got the laser working but for those of you who have a laser what are you doing for fume extraction?

I don’t have an enclosure and it is in my garage. What is a cheap way to get the fumes out… sure I can open my garage door but is there a cheap way alternative to extract?

Aquarium pump and flex tube mounted on the same mount as the laser, just point it at the focus and let it blow.

how does that extract… if I did that my garage would be filled with smoke.

This is my setup too.
It helps with the burning smoke from staining what you are engraving.

Fan blowing out the door.
I do have an exhaust fan but it’s not working because it’s still in the box.

How big is your setup?
Can you put sides on it some how with a fan setup at the back to suck the smoke away from the laser?

I ordered some dryer ducting and an inline blower… hoping that will do the trick.

I just ran the laser with the garage door open and the entire garage had a light haze of smoke. Laser ran for about 5-6 minutes.

Ya unfortunately if you have no exhaust that will happen.

Ya think??? Troll to troll ?

The aquarium tubing is functioning as “air assist” which constantly blows new smoke away from the laser focus spot, which improves cut efficiency and cuts down on fire flare-ups.

As you’ve learned, you’re also going to want “fume extraction.” I’ve got one of those in-duct fans that vents out through a hole in the wall from my basement workshop. This is on a K-40 type laser that’s already enclosed. I suppose a vacuum attachment like folks use for routing could help capture smoke at the source, but you’re still going to miss some so I’d plan to change out the air in the room with outside ventilation too if you can’t enclose the MPCNC.

To cut down on smoking next to the cut, masking tape has worked pretty well on my K40 laser. Some folks get transfer tape (really wide tape used for vinyl signs) to cover more work in one shot.

that’s what I’ve done. I don’t have the MPCNC in an enclosure, the ducting is just tiewrapped to the laser (and suspended above), so the suction follows the laser around. this has robbed me of a few inches of travel. I could probably 3d print some duct/vaccuum attachment that gets smaller, but I havent needed the extra room yet. I have my air assist on the opposite side of the laser, blowing the smoke towards the duct. you can see some if this in the last few pictures I posted in my thread Quartapounds MPCNC in Toronto Area