Adding extension rails to boost cutting area

My original LowRider 2 build was a 32" x 48" platform, with a cutting area of about 24" x 32".

That served me well until I needed to cut some doors that were 36 inches high: nuts!

Rather than waste the platform I had, I decide to just expand it a little with some square aluminum channel and some wooden supports, adding in the 14" or so that is lost to the belt attachments and router platform.


  • 62" lengths of 1" square aluminum channel on each side
  • Short wooden supports for the overhanging ends of the channel.

After sliding the end supports a little bit wider to accommodate the added aluminum, it’s working great: I can cut objects close to 48" tall now!


  • Rails were added first. I drilled a hole large enough for a screwdriver bit in the outside, then used 1.5" dome screws to attach the inner wall of the channel to the platform.
  • At each end, I put a length of 1x4 to support the channel overhang. This was screwed and glued to the main platform to eliminate cantilever channel bending from the weight of the gantry.
  • The belt holders were bolted to the ends of the aluminum channel.