Adjustable X/Y Dimensions

I’m planning my MPCNC build and had settled on approximately 3’x3’ as the x/y dimension; however, would it not be possible to increase rigidity by installing a second set of legs on each axis and adjusting them inward to bring the supported pipe to match the workpiece?

I’m not sure if that will come across clearly…

Basically, support the conduit ends with fixed end legs at 3’x3’ and install a second set of legs that could be positioned at any point inside of those dimensions, say at 2’x1’ to stiffen up the axis on smaller projects where accuracy is needed. Obviously the x/y gantries couldn’t move outside of those second legs to the larger 3’x3’ dimension unless they were loosened and slid back out to 3’x3’.

Has anyone done this? Seems like it would help those who want the best of all worlds with respect to size.

All depends on what you are doing. Try it as is first, No need to modify something that doesn’t need it. If it does midspan supports are a better choice.